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Prospective Students

The TCU Department of Computer Science was created in 1981.  The department’s undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Computer Information Technology aim to provide students with a broad base of knowledge which will allow them to work and advance in the rapidly expanding high-technology field of computer science or to pursue advanced studies in graduate school.

In order to maintain a quality program, the department’s curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects the latest advances in this rapidly changing field.  To achieve this, the department adheres closely to the recommendations of professional organizations.

BS in Computer Science (CoSc)
This program emphasizes course work in problem solving, systems software, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and other theoretical and applied areas.  The program focuses on the development of new computer technology and is the recommended program for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in the computing sciences.

BS in Computer Information Technology (CITe)
This program focuses on the application of computer technology (both hardware and software) in the workplace.  While there is some overlap of courses between the two programs, the BS CITe degree includes courses in system and network administration, interface design and scripting fundamentals, database administration, and project management.