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Dr. Antonio Sanchez

Dr. Antonio Sanchez
BS Universidad Iberoamericana, 1975 MS George Washington University, 1976 D.Sc. George Washington University, 1983

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Research Interests

My current research focus is on Data Mining and Visualization as well as managing Unstructured Text Queries; these interests fall within the realm of the topic known as Big Data. These topics stem from my previous research interests in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Java Programming. I have been working on these topics since 1979 when I began my dissertation on Collective Learning Automata. Other areas of my interest are Smart Home Technologies and Image Processing.  For more information please go to


Teaching Responsibilities

I am in charged of teaching courses dealing with Data Mining & Visualization and Artificial Intelligence, specifically CoSc 40023, CoSc 40503, CoSc 40303. I also teach important programming courses such as CoSc 10403 Introduction to Programming and CoSc 20203 Techniques in Programming. These courses open the door to the world of software modeling and design through the use of Object Oriented Programming using an MVC approach. In addition, I mentor undergraduate students every year in their SRS research projects.

Since 2005 I have been teaching a service course entitled CITE 10003 Disasters and Failures. The course is a good introduction to the scientific method, this is achieved by focusing in major technological disasters to analyze the failures in the scientific method, either by extrapolating an experiment or by mere overconfidence. The course comprises also a lab where we test some of the science concepts discussed in class.

Service Responsibilities

I serve in the Intellectual Property Review Committee (IPRC). The IPRC reviews disclosures related to intellectual property to recommend actions to be taken regarding copyright, patent, trademarks and legal protections.