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Dr. L. Donnell Payne

Donnell Payne
BS Sam Houston State University, 1973 MS Sam Houston State University, 1976 Ph.D. University of Texas Arlington, 1988

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Research Interests

Embedded systems, human computer interaction, and mobile computing.

Undergraduate students interested in working in the Department’s Mobile HCI Lab should contact me via email.

Teaching Responsibilities

My current teaching responsibilities include the capstone course sequence – Software Engineering (COSC 40943) taught in the fall semester followed by the Senior Design Project (COSC 40993) in the spring semester. In addition, I typically teach Computer Organization (COSC 30253/ENGR 30573), Micro Based Digital Systems (COSC 30353/ENGR 30583), and Web Technologies (CITE 30363).

Service Responsibilities

I supervise the Computer Science Department’s Mobile HCI Lab, maintain equipment for the Computer Science Department’s hardware courses, coordinate activities with the Industry Advisory Board, chair the Department’s Advisory Committee, assist with Monday @ TCU, administer Microsoft’s DreamSpark program, and serve on the SERC Committee.

TCU Computer Science and Computer Information Technology students interested in obtaining Microsoft software through the DreamSpark program should contact me via email.