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Dr. Michael C. Scherger

BSET University of Akron, 1991 BS University of Akron, 1992 MS Kent State University, 1995 Ph.D. Kent State University, 2005

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Research Interests

I am a computer scientist primarily interested in parallel and distributed computing. My Ph.D. research involved the interactions of multiple instruction streams in run-time environments for a massively parallel associative model of computation known as MASC (Multiple ASociative Computing). MASC is a tightly coupled, synchronous model of computation that uses a massively large number of processors to search for data by content rather than using memory addresses.

My current research interests are in parallel algorithm predictability analysis using the MASC model of parallel computation. This is a necessary step in development of a run-time environment for the MASC model using Intel Phi co-processors. I am also currently involved in involve parallel computation and evolutionary algorithms for constrained optimization problems and scheduling problems using parallel artificial immune systems.

My other research interests are in numerical and non-numerical parallel and distributed algorithms, big data analytics, system simulation and modeling, image processing and computer vision, and parallel in-memory database systems.

Teaching Responsibilities

Throughout the academic year I teach a wide variety of required and elective courses in computer science. Most of the courses are computer systems related. During the fall semesters I teach electives such as High Performance and Parallel Computing (COSC 40703), and Analysis of Algorithms (COSC 40403). During the spring semesters I teach required courses such as Computer Systems Fundamentals (COSC 30203) and Operating Systems (40203).

This fall I am teaching Analysis of Algorithms (COSC 40403).

Service Responsibilities

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, Editorial Board Member, 2011 – Present

Consortium of Computing Sciences in Colleges: South Central Region, Conference Chair, 2015

Consortium of Computing Sciences in Colleges: South Central Region, Steering Committee Member, 2008 – Present

International Journal of Computers and Applications, Reviewer

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Reviewer

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Networks, Reviewer

Consortium of Computing Sciences in Colleges: South Central Region, Reviewer

Texas Christian University Faculty Senate: Fall 2014 – Present

Texas Christian University Computer Science Society, Faculty Mentor, 2013 – Present